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John McCain does not know economics

June 25, 2008

On the campaign trail earlier in the year, John McCain admitted he did not know much about economics. Well, he just proved it by proposing a $300 million prize from the government for developing the next generation of improved battery.

Senator, the economy does not work that way. Whoever invents that new battery already stands to make an insane amount of money, not just for automobiles, but also for cell phones, cameras, notebook computers, MP3 players, cordless power tools and many other electronic and electrical devices. Think of the enormous market to replace gasoline-powered lawn mowers and weed eaters with clean and long-running electric ones. An inexpensive means to store power overnight might finally make home solar power take off. And if the technology is good enough, are electric airliners out of the question? There is already a huge financial reward for creating a greatly improved portable power source.

If you really wanted to help, how about proposing that anyone manufacturing the new battery does not have to pay federal income taxes for ten years to hasten getting it to the mass market (making it affordable for most of us)?

Your proposal also spoke volumes about your “big government” philosophy instead of having the government get out of the way of innovation.


Unintended consequences

June 10, 2008

The city of Minneapolis just passed an ordinance limiting the idling of motor vehicles to three minutes except while in traffic. Their stated target is the warming up of automobiles on a cold morning.

Many cities already ban the idling of unoccupied vehicles to prevent auto theft. This new law is aimed at occupied vehicles.

I can already hear the howls of protest when they begin ticketing soccer moms in their minivans waiting to pick up their kids at school when cold weather arrives.

Humans, being an inventive species, will probably come up with the solution of driving in a “parking orbit” around part of the school grounds so as to remain “in traffic” while waiting. The result will be more pollution and a greater danger of running over a little one.

If you truly want to reduce air pollution and fuel consumption, put your effort into synchronizing traffic signals instead. What was that? The city cannot make any revenue doing that? Oh, silly me, I thought you were trying to help us.

Electoral projection

June 3, 2008

As we enter the last primary day of a presidential race which seems to have gone on forever, the author of this blog monitors the state polls to determine who is leading in the electoral vote count between the two presumptive nominees.

Real Clear Politics provides lots of raw poll numbers as well as a great selection of political articles.