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Memories of Mom Monday – Chasing brother

June 23, 2008

Dad has always been a gadget freak. Even when I was young, we had all kinds of cameras. Mom enjoyed using the 8 mm movie camera once in awhile. Since film for that camera was fairly expensive as was getting the film developed, we were usually careful with the camera and did not just shoot anything anytime.

One day, Mom filmed my brother and I playing on the swing set in the back yard. Then she had us get into the wading pool on the patio and splash around. For some reason, Brother did not want to do that, threw a fit and hid somewhere in the back yard. So she filmed me alone in the pool for a little bit. When she noticed the film was about to run out, she decided to find Brother and try to get him to reconsider. He continued with his tantrum and ran away as she approached. Her playful side taking over, she turned on the camera and chased him with it. That was some of the best footage from our childhood as Brother would run, then trip and fall, look at the camera, get back up and run some more, while crying the whole time.


Memories of Mom Monday – Porcupine meatballs

June 16, 2008

Before microwave ovens became commonplace, Mom got this new-fangled kitchen accessory called a pressure cooker. It was a heavy aluminum pot with a lid which latched on securely. When heated, the water boiling inside created an intense pressure rise inside the container. The theory was that the higher pressure allowed water to get superheated and cook the food much faster. I still fondly remember the rocking of the weight on top of the lid to regulate the pressure inside as well as the swishing sound the escaping steam made.

The unit came with a little recipe book; one of which was Porcupine Meatballs. This was like regular meatballs except that grains of raw rice was added to the mix. When cooked, the rice swelled up, giving the meatballs little white spikes on their outer surface.

We also discovered that the bones of chicken cooked in the pressure cooker came out soft enough to eat.

Memories of Mom Monday – Eggs & coffee

June 9, 2008

We took many trips by car together as a family. Before motels began offering “free” breakfast included with the price of the room, we usually started the day at a place like Denny’s, Sambo’s or Bob’s Big Boy. Most of the time, we would each order a plate consisting of a choice of some combination of eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, pancakes, hash browns, toast.

Ordering became rather routine. The waitress would go around the table as we stated what we wanted in turn. One time, Mom either really needed her morning cup of joe or was somehow distracted. When her turn came, the exchange went something like this:

Waitress: “And what would you like, ma’am?”

Mom: “A number two.”

Waitress: “How would you like your eggs?”

Mom: “Coffee.”

We all immediately caught the error and started to laugh. Replying “coffee” when asked how the eggs were to be prepared became a long-running joke inside the family.

Memories of Mom Monday – Sudoku

June 2, 2008

When the Sudoku craze took off, Dad printed some puzzles he found on the Internet for us to try.

Mom did not understand how to analyze the more complicated relationships, so when she got stuck, she would make a guess and pencil in a number, then continue. Sometimes she had to erase everything and start over once she realized something went wrong.

One day while shopping at Barnes and Noble, I noticed they had a magnetic Sudoku set among their travel games. It was a metal flip-open box, about 6 by 6 inches with a blank Sudoku grid printed on the inside of both halves. Numbers on small magnetic squares were provided in red and yellow to be used on the grid. So I bought two; one for me and one for Mom so that she did would no longer have to erase her numbers. Starting with one color and switching to the other when she made a guess allowed her to revert to a known good configuration instead of having to start over again.

She absolutely loved the thing and used it quite a bit while she was able to enjoy it.