Out to launch

Sometime Thursday morning, WordPress changed something with their SSL certificate. I use an old browser on an old computer and could no longer log into my account. Until I figure it out, I shall be taking a vacation from posting.

A few notes about this picture. The rocket took off from pad #2. To give you a frame of reference to the size of things, the sign by the pad was made from a clipboard. The sign reading “100” might have been a thermometer since it was about 95 degrees at the time, but it is actually the distance to pad #2 from the spectator area in feet.

I did not accidentally get my foot in front of the lens. I was told I looked pretty funny lying on the ground holding my camera in front of me with my foot propped up as this big rocket took to the skies. The camera has 10x zoom and I used it all; it did not have enough depth of field for my foot to be in focus as well at the shutter speed I was shooting.

Sister has a friend whose brother is in the military. He would send home pictures from exotic locations around the world. Not with him in it, but just his foot as if he was reclining and laid back, relaxing and taking a casual picture. Sister started doing the same thing and sending her friend “feet pics.” I just sent Sister this, my very first “feet pic”.


4 Responses to “Out to launch”

  1. Bill Says:

    Oh, until I get the problem solved, I am dialing back on comment moderation so that I do not have to approve your first comment.

  2. jwcooper3 Says:

    Well that’s a nifty thing to have…

  3. snowelf Says:

    I actually really dig feet pics. My friend used to have a blog called views with feet–and I loved it. I like the foot.
    Also, on a side note, I want to drive over and fix your computer now.
    –snow 🙂

    • Bill Says:

      > Also, on a side note, I want to drive over and fix your computer now.

      Thank you, but the old warhorse was seriously crippled during a rolling blackout two and a half years ago and has since been been retired. Micron made great desktop computers; this one served for a very long time.

      I made the mistake of trying to post something every day. After six weeks, I was seriously burnt out and was looking for an excuse to quit anyway. Some people were not meant to do this, at least not at that level…


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