Things which peeve me Thursday – Sampling

Sampling decribes the act of incorporating musical elements from an existing song into a new one. Though I have never liked the technique, it has not bugged me until now.

I thought they were starting to play Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon on the radio the other day from the opening riffs. But once the singing began, it was something else altogether. A bit of research revealed it to be a new Kid Rock song.

Kid Rock earns my respect for supporting our troops, a refreshing exception in the modern entertainment industry, but sampling Werewolves of London so that the song starts in the exact same way is just plain wrong.


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2 Responses to “Things which peeve me Thursday – Sampling”

  1. jwcooper3 Says:

    I agree. All the hip-hop junk that uses lines from old songs bugs me as well. Original? I don’t think so..

  2. song hit Says:

    Thank for content i like it Music Sport

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