Memories of Mom Monday – Chasing brother

Dad has always been a gadget freak. Even when I was young, we had all kinds of cameras. Mom enjoyed using the 8 mm movie camera once in awhile. Since film for that camera was fairly expensive as was getting the film developed, we were usually careful with the camera and did not just shoot anything anytime.

One day, Mom filmed my brother and I playing on the swing set in the back yard. Then she had us get into the wading pool on the patio and splash around. For some reason, Brother did not want to do that, threw a fit and hid somewhere in the back yard. So she filmed me alone in the pool for a little bit. When she noticed the film was about to run out, she decided to find Brother and try to get him to reconsider. He continued with his tantrum and ran away as she approached. Her playful side taking over, she turned on the camera and chased him with it. That was some of the best footage from our childhood as Brother would run, then trip and fall, look at the camera, get back up and run some more, while crying the whole time.


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5 Responses to “Memories of Mom Monday – Chasing brother”

  1. Giselle Says:

    it must have been soo lovely~! and watching it now, a thousand memories must be running through your mind.. 🙂

    When I have kids, i too want to do the same thing.. so as to capture those precious moments! ..

  2. Polina Says:

    Happy memories… None in my family was a photographer, but my parents’ friend did… And thank to him I have some sweet moments of my childhood saved:)

  3. Giselle Says:

    my dad loves taking photos.. and so do me and my sis..
    Its thanks to dad we have SO many childhood pix.. its fun reminiscing al lof them… 🙂

  4. jwcooper3 Says:

    and why haven’t we seen this on America’s Funniest Home Videos??

  5. Bill Says:

    Giselle – thankfully, it is much easier to do today. Try to always have a camera with you plus plenty of blank media. Now that you can erase and reuse, do not be afraid to shoot away whenever there is a potential of catching something precious.

    Polina – treasure those memories…

    Cooper – it’s still on 8mm film in Dad’s archives. Unfortunately, it’s also silent – we never got a film movie camera with sound.

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