Unintended consequences

The city of Minneapolis just passed an ordinance limiting the idling of motor vehicles to three minutes except while in traffic. Their stated target is the warming up of automobiles on a cold morning.

Many cities already ban the idling of unoccupied vehicles to prevent auto theft. This new law is aimed at occupied vehicles.

I can already hear the howls of protest when they begin ticketing soccer moms in their minivans waiting to pick up their kids at school when cold weather arrives.

Humans, being an inventive species, will probably come up with the solution of driving in a “parking orbit” around part of the school grounds so as to remain “in traffic” while waiting. The result will be more pollution and a greater danger of running over a little one.

If you truly want to reduce air pollution and fuel consumption, put your effort into synchronizing traffic signals instead. What was that? The city cannot make any revenue doing that? Oh, silly me, I thought you were trying to help us.


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