Memories of Mom Monday – Sudoku

When the Sudoku craze took off, Dad printed some puzzles he found on the Internet for us to try.

Mom did not understand how to analyze the more complicated relationships, so when she got stuck, she would make a guess and pencil in a number, then continue. Sometimes she had to erase everything and start over once she realized something went wrong.

One day while shopping at Barnes and Noble, I noticed they had a magnetic Sudoku set among their travel games. It was a metal flip-open box, about 6 by 6 inches with a blank Sudoku grid printed on the inside of both halves. Numbers on small magnetic squares were provided in red and yellow to be used on the grid. So I bought two; one for me and one for Mom so that she did would no longer have to erase her numbers. Starting with one color and switching to the other when she made a guess allowed her to revert to a known good configuration instead of having to start over again.

She absolutely loved the thing and used it quite a bit while she was able to enjoy it.


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2 Responses to “Memories of Mom Monday – Sudoku”

  1. jwcooper3 Says:

    I keep one book in the bathroom and one next to the bed, not to mention the online ones every day. I keep telling myself it’s a good brain exercise…

  2. Bill Says:

    Cooper – we always refer to it as Alzheimer’s insurance.

    Maybe I should start looking into the online ones too so that I can get mostly only the intermediate ones. The easy ones are too easy and the hard ones I cannot finish half of the time. My sister goes to that famous site in the UK, but I always figured it was cheaper per puzzle buying the magazines in the store.


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