What took me so long?

Back around the turn of the century, before the word “blog” entered the vernacular, I knew some people on LiveJournal. At the time, they were using it as a modernized diary. My thought was that if I created one, it would be rather dull since I was not going to share the juicy stuff with the world. So I just played with the technology and did not create anything.

Blogging has come a long way since then. Some still use it as an online diary and some exploit it as a public soapbox. Though I do have opinions I like to express, blogging still did not look like an enjoyable way to spend my limited time.

Recently, I was googling for information about the mortgage problem, specifically how the financial institutions were able to get into this mess, and what role the government may have had. The end goal was to determine whether there was any justification for asking the governement to bail out the financial institutions which made foolish investments.

At one time, there was a sharp division between commercial banks and investment banks mandated by the Glass-Steagall Act. I had forgotten the name of this piece of legislation and how it got repealed. In searching for it, I was looking for the phrases “federal reserve”, “government regulation” and “over-sight”; one of the results was security is for cadavers…, a blog by jwcooper3. His posts were a nice mixture of serious and amusing topics, much more than just a diary, and some very interesting people were commenting on them, making me decide to finally give this thing a try.


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